Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pipe smokin doesn't come easy!

I told my husband a few months ago that I really would like to learn how to smoke a nice tobacco pipe. You see he regularly participates in enjoying his pipes with his close friends, they have a great time talking and bragging about manly things and generally relaxing as they toke up an amazing smelling tobacco with a name like "topper", "blue diamond", "spice and nice" or "heather"(boy did she smell good). Anyways, I love to smell the tobacco and I thought that I would also like to enjoy this great aquired talent.
It all started last summer when I attempted to smoke a pipe with just a bit of success, I realized then how much of a skill it really is to be a pipe smoker. Just 2 months ago my hubby finally bought me a really well made smooth wooden pipe that is just the right size for me to hold in my hand as I puff away at it. I have been hesitant in smoking it, I feared that I would do a terrible job learning how to smoke it, that everyone would make fun of me or that I would never master the skill. I always hear the horror stories from my husband of the ones that try and fail miserably.
Well just the other night I finally got some tobacco; "christmas cookie" is her name. I sat around with 3 of the finest pipe smokers that I know and I got instruction and guidance as I struggled my way thru smoking my first bowl of tobacco through my very own hand made danish pipe. I guess that I did alright. I went through quite a few matches as I struggled to keep it lit, but I did enjoy a nice puff or two of some fine, unstressful pipe smoking. So thanks guys for helping me try to master my skills at pipe smoking. I hope that one day I will get a nice bowl of ash just like you!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


How quickly friends sometimes pass away. I saw a good friend the other day, I saw her as she walked by me and became out of my gaze, she did not even have the courage to say "Hi". She was 10 feet away from me! We will "talk" together thru the expanses of the internet, but yet she won't even gather the courage to say "Hi!" in public. Is there something to bringing out your extroverted self on the internet that can't be brought out in public? I really think that there is. It is easier to say the things that you wouldn't tell anyone else when it is on paper. And is there also a reason to be a little more introverted while in public knowing that you can talk to your friends online and tell them you are sorry for not talking to them when you saw them last alive and in person? It is hard to keep an online friendship above water, it takes alot more work. I would rather make face with the people that I love than expect to talk to them over the internet. I would rather say "Hi" while I have them there to cherish and love in person. Because who knows when the next time will be when we get to talk in person? Who knows when we will get to cherish each other in the knowledge of who we are at exactly that space in time? I have so many friends that I miss, that I thought that it wasn't a big deal to talk to when I saw them out in public. Now I wish more than anything that I could talk to them, that I could see them face to face and know how their life is really going. Life jumps out at you and takes that time and knowledge away and I wish that I could have that time back. Talking is only one aspect being with a friend. One aspect that we miss so much if we "talk" to them online is that we miss all of the idiosyncrasies of their movements and their facial expressions. I get so much out of reading peoples faces and their movements. I miss that interaction from the friends that I have been away from for so long. I only wish that I did have the time to get together with my friends all of the time. So for now I will be happy with the knowledge of getting to spend time with my friends however I can, because I love them so much and to get to talk to them however I can is all that I really want and can ask for.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Three Things...

Three Things:
...that scare me: the dark(ever since I was a kid), letting someone else take care of me, losing friends
....people that make me laugh: Tony Stark(you know who you are), B-Rad, Sammy-T
....I love: my bestest friends, my husband, great music
....I hate: getting old, HOT weather, migraines
....I don't understand: how the human mind thinks, how plants grow with only water and sun, rude people who can never see their faults or refuse to at least
....on my desk: managers notes, chocolate, tag guns to date product
....I'm doing right now: sitting drinking coffee at starbucks, watching my husband read the newspaper, restlessly rocking my catywampus chair back and forth after drinking the starbucks
....I want to do before I die: go to Africa, together with someone lead them to the Lord, have some sweet dreadlocks in my hair
....I can do well: do a kickass Axl Rose impression, harvest and store the garden that my husband and I so diligently tended, get lost playing a RPG video game for hours
...you should always listen to: the Lord, your parents, your friends(they only mean the best for you if they truly are your friends)
...you should never listen to: those that say you can't do what you want, Satan, heavy metal music with whining guitar
....I'd like to learn how to do: yoga, keep in touch with my friends better, heal people with natural methods
....favorite foods: tasty CHEESE, oranges, bread
....beverages I drink regularly: water, coffee, beer
...TV shows I watched as a kid: Fraggle Rock, 3-2-1 Contact, Dukes of Hazzard
....books I read as a kid: Anne of Green Gables series, Little House on the Prairie series, choose your own adventure books
....bloggers to tag: All my friends are tagged(YOU'RE IT!) Tag yourself baby!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Fall Down Go Boom, Pt. 2

I think that I must be a faller. I was thinking about all of the times that I fell down last year. I can remember several actually but the best 3 are at least memorable enough to write about. During the summertime all of our buddies and myself were eating late at the Steel Trolley in Lisbon, after we ate we went outside and for some reason I was spinning around the lightpole at the corner of the street. Somehow I slipped and landed on my back on the road with cars swirling around my head. Sam came running and helped me up because I was laughing so hard I couldn't get up.
This winter Sam and I were wrestling in church again after our friends band Keep It Up was practicing. And I charged him and he jumped to the side just like a toro getting away from a bull, and I landed square on the floor and broke a huge blood vessel in my knee.
But the best one was this summer when we were hanging out with our friends at our home having a barbeque. It had been raining and I was wearing slippery shoes and our wooden deck gets slick when it is wet. I took one step off of the porch and I started falling and couldn't catch myself. My friends watched as I fell off of the deck and landed square in the azalea bush on my butt again, but not before scraping my shin off of the deck and leaving a huge rock that is still in my shin. All I could do was laugh again as Sam helped me get out of the bush. I'm glad that I laugh instead of cry.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Fall Down, Go Boom

January 5th-mark it as my first fall of the year. Can anyone top that? All of this crazy rain that we have had for the past several days off and on has left our lawn a muddy wicked mess. I was on my way out to my car getting ready to go to work and I slipped. My heel of my right foot slid forward and the front of my left foot slipped backwards trying to catch myself and lo and behold I did a split right beside my car. No one was even there to see my amazing feat of maneuverability! I yelled a loud expletive and I went back inside to clean up and change my clothes and then I finally went to work. Just imagine if all this rain was snow? If I’d have fallen I would have stayed down there for longer and made a snow angel, but NO, instead my ass and whole lower half was covered with December mud! YUCK!