Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Laughing Fool

Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can: all of them make me laugh. – W. H. Auden

I love a great quote. They can conjure up a million emotions in one sentence. I think that this one is one of my favorite quotes of all times. I really thing that laughing is the common ground that we all hold, and I wish that we all could laugh with others more than we are given the chance to each day. I think of all of the great friends that I have that inspire me each day when I look at this quote. I thought that I would just write a little about the things they do or instances that they have left me laughing so much that I just couldn't help but love them. You know what I'm sayin' ?

Sam-He knows how much I enjoy laughing and he always attempts to make me laugh, whether it is a genuine laugh or a I feel bad at his pathetic attempt, I always have something to laugh with Sam with.
Brad-Totally makes me laugh all the time! He is so random in his thinking and what he finds enjoyable. We can laugh thru a airsoft game where I shoot his chin over a van from 20 feet away, or sitting around talking about nothing. Thats right beef broth ninja star!
Lyndsay-Acts like a serious ghetto girl in a small town setting! She can make the best comments in a conversation that just drives the entire group of people she is with to their knees laughing.
Kyle-He's got the craziest dancing feet and the best moves I ever saw on the dancing floor. It cracks me up!
Andrew-Wild and crazy boy! Is up for anything at all times, at least when he isn't hopped up on the allergy medicine and zonked on the couch. Just play some Rage Against the Machine and watch him go! I'm his Byotch!
Arin-This girl sends me the craziest text messages, normally at about 6am everyday. She sends me quotes, cusses me out, tries to get me to send the message to 10 other people or best of all sends me pictures of manure. Whatever it is it always makes me laugh!
Theresa-I work with Theresa at 3am on Wednesdays and Thursdays. She keeps me awake as we talk about crappy love songs, pooping or whatever topic the morning may bring up. And no Chlamydia and Gonorrea are not flowers. We've established that.
Evan-Even though he is in Bahrain right now he still can make me laugh out loud at what he writes in his blog, or whenever I get to talk to him on the phone with 10 second relays as we wait to hear each other.
Candy-She keeps my sanity at work. If ever I had a real sister I think that she would be the one. We can yell at each other and hug each other in the same conversation. We throw food at each other all day and we have dance dance revolutions every Saturday at work as we listen to yucky 80's music all day.
There are so many others that make me laugh each day I could write pages and pages about them. Maybe I will for my next blog because I will still be thinking about it for awhile. Write me about why you love people. I'd love to hear your comments. Have a great day!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


So.... now I am FINALLY done with the semester! Kent State is officially out of my site for the summer. Good times, and time to partay! Yeah, you know what I'm saying! I've got big plans for the summer, most of which I will fail to accomplish. My biggest plans are to work in the garden, do alot of canning from it, organize junk in the house and generally get done all of the things that I couldn't take a lot of time to worry about during the past full year. What I have had some time for in the past few weeks is Guitar Hero! I have been playing it lately in my spare time like after work or when Sam isn't around cause he doesn't really like to play it, although he will watch others play it, but I feel like I am boring him when I do play for a long time. I noticed the other day that my hands get stuck in a guitar holding position when I play the game too long, (kinda like when Evans hands get stuck in a working out position from doing so much weight lifting in the Navy, it's similar you know). Anywho... the weird thing is that when I take my eyes off of the tv screen, I look at my skin and it is moving and warping into wierd shapes. Have you seen this before if you have ever played Guitar Hero? When you play the game the screen constantly pulls your eyes downward as the notes pass along the screen and it does wierd eye tricks to you. Creepy to see your skin warp. I couldn't stop staring at it, it mesmerized me. Try it sometime, if you play for about 45 minutes straight it should happen. Very crazy!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Spring and a Boring Life!

My 38th post this one is! Oh, what a memorable occasion! You can congratulate me by sending comments and money donations to blogger. Yeah, whatever...just read on if you want to.

I really have no topic to write about. I usually have a certain thing that I write about. But alot of times I really have nothing to write about, like today. I've read others blogs where they mainly talk about their daily lives. They make this their journal to sort out their thoughts and to just let others in on their lives. I wish that I could do that without totally boring people with my own life.

So even through the warning, here is my boring life right now. Skip it if you don't want to fall asleep! My friend Lyndsay dyed my hair the other day. I wanted some bleached chunks of blonde in my hair and she did a great job. My bangs are totally blonde and underneath my hair is totally blonde too. When I went to work the next day 2 people told me that they "loved my red hair" and "why did I dye all my hair blond?" I had to show them that I only dyed certain parts of it and that most of it is still red. I guess that they were suprised, but it's better than them being fake and telling me that they loved it or something dishonest.

I took my last exam for Human growth & Development tonight. One class down, 3 more to go. I think that it went pretty well considering that last night I was pretty sick with this wierd dizzy and queasy thing and I was hardly able to study, which I had big plans for.

Sam, Andrew, Lyndsay and myself are going to have a road trip this weekend to Andrews brother Ryans wedding in Indiana. I am looking forward to it so much! Finally, my loverboy Ryan is tying the knot with his amazing fiancee Kristen. I am so excited for them! It will be a nice little getaway, even though I have to bring my college stuff to study for the 2 finals I have next week.

I was sitting on my porch studying for school today; I looked out across our lawn and I realized how beautiful spring is. Our maple leaves are just starting to develop into an amazing green color. The green lawn is full of yellow dandelions, the crabapple tree is full of bright pink blooms. Across the driveway our transparent apple tree is in full bloom with large white blossoms. The japanese maple in the landscaping is a deep red color, and in the lawn are tiny blue flowers that just reach above the grass's level. So many colors that spring brings. I wish that we had that all year long!

So there is my life in a nutshell. Have a great spring day!