Sunday, July 29, 2007

Its Always Cloudy

Sam and I were driving into Columbiana last Sunday and the clouds in the sky were absolutely amazing to look at. I fortunately had my digital camera with me so I snapped a few shots while driving. The weather was perfect that day, the clouds were so full, it looked like a Simpson episode in the sky. We always have clouds in the sky here in Ohio, so I don't look at them that much, but there was something about these that made them stand out and look spectacular.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Wedding is Over.

I got the chance to decorate my cousin Shane and his new wife Jens wedding cake this weekend. Jen found a great picture of an abstract wedding cake that she found on the internet. It was iced with fondant, which is a gumpaste icing that kind of molds onto a cake, its kinda like fruit roll-ups that you onto the cake without icing the thing. I don't mess with that stuff, its hard to work with and it doesn't taste that good. It's more meant for decoration and not eating. So my mom and I went to the church the night before the wedding with all of the stuff we needed for the cakes and decorating. We got there and the kitchen didn't feel air-conditioned at all. So the icing was really soft and I had a hard time getting it to keep its shape, finally I got it where I wanted it and I decorated the cake while my mom iced up 5 sheet cakes with cream cheese. Everything turned out really cool, Jen didn't want flowers or anything fru-fru on her cakes. I didn't get to take a picture of the cake when it was all set up but here are some of the ones right after they were decorated. I've decorated a lot of cakes and this one was lots of fun.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fine, I Better Do This Thang!

I got tagged the other day! So I better do this thang and give you 8 random things about me.

1.)I don't like yellow vegetables. Carrots, squash, etc. They are too sweet for me to eat. Plus when I try to eat raw carrots I just keep chewing because I can't swallow all of the carrot, it just shreds in my mouth.

2.)I hate drama in peoples lives. I know some people where life is a big soap opera and I just can't keep up with it. Maybe thats why I get along with men better than women most of the time because life is more natural and they don't make up a ridiculous life to make everything hyped up.

3.)I want to cover my body with tattoos and get dreadlocks.
4.)I took classical piano lessons for 9 years, I really don't remember too much anymore. I can still play scales and I can read notes, but that's it.

5.) I once moshed in steel toed boots at a 6 feet deep concert and I almost got killed when I was trampled by some crazy heads.

6.)I want to be a car mechanic if nursing doesn't work for me. I love taking things apart and putting them back together, and I don't mind getting my hands dirty.
7.)Me and the sun don't get along. I have already had a benign mole taken off of one leg and more that the dermatologist is watching because of getting so many sunburns when I was little. Morbidly, I have told my family that skin cancer will kill me one day.

8.) I have had a fever of above 104 degrees several times. I normally had them when I had pneumonia. They made me hallucinate. "You're not my Mom!"
So anywho, I don't have any other people to tag so it ends here. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Yard Sailing

We are having a porch sale today. Right now there is a lag in the people visiting so I have a few minutes to get some thoughts on the computer that I haven't been able to do for awhile. Sorry to everyone who looks to see if I've posted everyday! I am sitting at my grandpa's computer right now. He's laying on the couch next to me snoring away; he's been asleep now for the past hour at least. His snore is pretty sleep inducing. NOT! Sunday afternoon naps are the best, especially when you are the one sleeping and not staying awake so that you can make money at a yard sale. My brother Luke is waiting for me to get off the computer so that he can IM all his friends and get on myspace. Dirty Jobs is on in the background and they are at a catfish farm trying to catch and gut them. Yuck. Mom and Sam are out on the porch in the hot day. Overall its a pretty good day. I feel like something is missing though. I guess that I will feel like that for awhile now that some of my best friends, Andrew and Lyndsay left for Minneapolis last Thursday. It was really great to see them start new lives and begin college and living on their own, but it was super sad at the same time to know that our friendships will now be long distance. Our routines of each week for the past year at least will have to go through some major revamping because we always had our Thursday & Friday nites and Sunday's where we were with them most all the time. I will miss them, I'm sure they will miss us, but we will all get used to the idea one of these days and continue to be close friends with our new routines however they may turn out.