Monday, November 26, 2007

Almost There

I only have 3 more weeks till this semester of college is done. Two big exams this week, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday, three papers due on Wednesday and the big final for giving a full physical exam next week. Honestly I don't have much stress over finishing this semester, I've come to the realization that at this point I know it will all get done one way or another. There is no use worrying over something that you know is on it's way the entire semester.
What I hate is that I have a cold. I really hate colds! The nursing coordinator told us that us nursing students would get really worn down from all the stress and activities and all that crap, and that we would get sick towards the end of the semester. Well unfortunately my body got the worst of me and I now have the sniffles and a chest full of yuck that won't come out when I cough. I sound like a coal miner who has the black lung when I laugh. I totally feel fine mentally, but apparently my body was telling itself a different story without my knowledge. I hate that my body felt some sort of weardown and stress and that the silly nursing coordinator was right. That sucks! Anywho...nothing more to say, just thought I'd rant a little. Now back to studying...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lost and Found!

About 2 weeks ago I lost my flash drive for transferring stuff between all the computers I use. I use the thing ALL the time between Kent's computer labs, my laptop, work information and my computer at home. I store everything on there and I go between all of the aforementioned computers and load or store stuff on them with this amazing invention. I totally felt naked when I lost it. It nagged on my mind. You know when you go without something that you have with you all the time, a wedding ring, cell phone, glasses, wallet, and you just feel out of place the entire time that you are away from it? Well that's how I felt. I looked everywhere that I last remembered seeing it. Under the couch, in the computer lab, in the laptop storage bag, pants, coats, my purse, etc.-you get the drift. I really hate that feeling and I knew that there was some pretty important information on there, I just hoped that someone wasn't going to steal my identity or worse, all of the recipe's for the new cafe!(Of course all of that information is on my computer too). I just thought that I had lost it and I was finally getting resigned to it being lost and having to find out another way to work around it. Well, we went to Cleveland on Saturday for the big Ohio State vs. Michigan game and we went out to eat after with some friends. When we were saying goodbye to our friends after dinner I remembered that I had some pictures for them that we took awhile ago and it was in my laptop bag. I reached into the side pocket and the inside light of the car was shining in to the pocket and low and behold there was my lost flash drive! I think that they may have thought I lost my mind when I saw it because I started yelling and dancing around like a real idiot but now I feel whole again.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Warming Foods

The Encore Cafe is coming along fast now, I met with one of the main food brokers that we will be working with to get in deliveries today. We talked for 2 hours about different recipes and items that I want to use that will give us the best cost and quality for what we will be making. Thats pretty much where the progression of things are now; finishing touches. The equipment is in now, the main stuff at least. Ovens, display cases, sinks and refrigerators are starting to make the cafe look like a real one! I can see it all coming together!
What I really am looking forward to is finally starting to make recipes. I have been "off" of work for 3 months now; mainly what I am doing is all of the leg work to get the cafe started, I miss physically working with food. I find that I extremely miss getting my hands and apron dirty while making recipes. I love that I get to develop recipes and work the whole start to finish end of getting the cafe set up, but I really got into this new job for the prospects of doing something new, exciting and challenging at the same time. I was bored with my old job, even though I loved it, but I wanted to have more freedom, so when this venture fell into my lap I gladly took it.
So when this thang finally opens up I am going to be there constantly, you might see me running around with flour all over me, a huge honkin' coffee buzz and spoons in hand but I will have a smile on my face!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Playing in the Dam Water

I know many of you read Sams posts that read mine as well. You will know that Sam has a new interest in his life and that is researching the Sandy-Beaver Canal and finding the old locks that used to traverse Beaver Creek here in Ohio. I love the great outdoors and I happily will go hiking, camping, or just outside anytime that I don't have something else to do. So to go out exploring and look at some old locks and dams is pretty fun, and I find it interesting too. We have gotten to go hiking quite alot lately and I have been lovin it! Fall is one of my favorite seasons; the temperature is perfect, the leaves are so beautiful, the air smells amazing, we get to harvest all of the veggies from our garden that I have been waiting so long for...I could keep going on and on. We all know that one of the best parts of hiking and being outside is getting some great shots of the landscapes and other great things to remember the treks by. Sam found some wildlife playing in the water in this once in a lifetime shot!