Friday, January 25, 2008

Sofa-King Tired!

Well I don't know if that title is very kosher but I put it there anyways, if you don't get it then don't think too much about it. OK? The ones that know the inside scoop on it may still think that I went a little over-board. But HEY, that's what you get when you are so tired and your thoughts aren't running too straight. Gosh, I had to respell "straight" like 8 times there. Yikes! Anywho...I really hate this time of year when it is just Sofa-King Cold and Sofa-King Dark all the time that you don't get motivated to do anything. I could really go for a day in Florida on the beach right now to soak up some sun and warm my bones just for a little while. Maybe a little nap and wake up looking like a burnt lobster. I'd take that over the blah that we have here in Ohio. I could go for some sun and heat right now and I am sure that I would have not nearly as big of a difficulty with everything as I do now. The 8am to 10pm day that I had at the cafe didn't help anything either. But that was so exciting to actually start training with real employees who are all nervous & excited at the same time.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Well I have to start writing a journal for one of my nursing classes this semester to help us get thru our thought cycles and to let stuff out that we wouldn't normally think about. I always have enjoyed journaling even if it takes up so much time. But it is true that you think about & retrospect over what has happened to you in days past. I think that is why I enjoy writing here too. I think of stuff that I wouldn't normally think about until my fingers start typing away at the keyboard. I never have a "draft" of words to bring with me, instead I just start writing as I go and it doesn't always come out clean and tidy but that's how my normal brain works anyways. I like to go back & read about how I was doing at a particular time or how I dealt with something in the past. It's all good. I think that I wrote more about the cafe than I did about this upcoming semester at college in my first journal entry. One thing pretty awesome, that I am so glad about, is that I switched my calendar year of the nursing program this past Friday & that means that I only have to finish 123 credit hours in the nursing program instead of the 129 that I thought that I would have to take. That's 2 less classes that I have to go thru & the best part is that I dropped my dreaded Physiological Chemistry class this semester & picked up another easier online class because P. Chem. is no longer required to take at all in the new calendar year that I switched to. HoOrAy! A-woo-hoo!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Morning Rituals

I am sitting in the upstairs room of my parents-in-laws house listening to Sam working on putting new wheels on his fathers wheelchair, Sams mom is making some loud comments so that everyone can hear her voice just so it's heard. Sam is clanking away at taking the wheels off to put on the new ones. His Dad is doing his morning rituals while singing a gentle hymn and I am thinking of the usual, everyday things that families do to make their life normal. I remember when I was little that I would bumble out of bed in my usual pj's of a t-shirt and underoo's and go and sit under a blanket on the couch and watch some tv to get my day going. Maybe a little cereal or pancakes to really start the creative juices flowing as my brother and I postponed our homeschooling day as much as we could. We would get on the old Apple IIE and maybe play a little Oregon Trail or get out the Nintendo and finish up some Super Mario Bros II or go outside and spend the day in the woods pretending about something really great. The part that I don't even think I ever thought about back then, the part that I took for granted, is the air of taking it easy. Yes, we had stuff to do, but it never seemed to be overwhelming. We could take it easy and feel no pressure in life for all of the stuff that needed done. I love remembering that at one time in my life I felt like that. I so enjoy those rare times that show up when I feel that way all over again. I think that is why when those times do show up I enjoy them so much more, because I realize that I don't always have that time in the morning to sit at the couch in my pj's and watch some tv. I don't get the pancakes in the morning anymore like mom used to make them. I don't go outside or play some video games to jump start the morning anymore. That's ok with me, I would just really like to have a morning ritual that gave me at least a few moments of ease that I could get ready and enjoy the day that I have set before me.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Back to it

Well things are back to normal around here. All our great friends that were home are all back to their usual routines in their parts of the world. I am interviewing and hiring employees for the cafe next week and I start back up at Kent on Monday. So I have to get back into the groove of working full time and going to school full time and get a good blend of the two without driving myself, my husband, or my friends crazy. That's all for now...