Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I have been a world traveler these past couple months. Really just a Eastern part of the United States traveler is all. I went to Bradenton Beach in Florida with my Dad at the end of March and then at the end of April I went to Chicago for a NRA food show with Don, the owner of the Encore Cafe and Main Street Theater. Both trips were semi-work trips. I went to Florida to help Dad clear out and clean the house that was passed to him in the death of his brother. I went to Chicago to peruse a HUGE food show there to get some great ideas and make some contacts with restaurant sources. I did get time by myself which was absolutely amazing. I love to have time to myself and in both trips I had lots of it because I didn't have my husband or any friends travel along with me. I would rather have had Sam or close friends with me because each of the trips would have been so much more fun, but at the same time I enjoyed myself immensely in the fact that I was alone. I love friends and sharing all my time with others. Don't get me wrong. But I think that I am a loner more than I admit. I am too independent and I am stubborn as all get out. When I want something I want it then and there and that is a downfall of mine. I have a hard time waiting for things so it is just sometimes easier to do it on my own and in the timely manner that I want it done in. So it was nice to be by myself each time for awhile.

In Chicago I stayed in my own room at the Chicago Hilton on Michigan St. right across from the lake and Grant Park. This hotel reminded me of the movie "The Shining". I love that movie and I was just a little creeped out by all of the gaudiness and pomp at the hotel although it was absolutely amazing to see how much work and effort was put into that hotel. I was very much impressed by it all. I went to an awesome suburb of Chicago called Wicker Park where I visited a sweet record store, a musty bookstore and a independent coffeeshop called the Earwax Cafe. I want to take everyone back to visit them all with me again! In Florida I spent as much time on the beach as I could. I got my usual big ole sunburn which turned to a nice shade of pink on my skin and is now faded to barely noticeable. Overall they were both excellent trips and I hope to go back to both places soon and with family and friends so I can share more memories with them there.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wheres the time gone?

Whoa whoa we whoa! I thought that I would have a little more time to get in some more blogging and catching up on my blog reading once school was out. Turns out I don't have much extra of that glorious commodity to go around. I'm still pretty busy at the Cafe. I work 6 days a week there. Sundays are amazing I must say!!!! Last Sunday Sam and I spent the first part of the day outside. Sam played in the garden and did a bunch of other stuff around the house that needed done. Trimmed the golden threads by the door, rounded up all the weeds around the firepit and other areas of the yard and a bunch of other stuff I probably missed. I spent some time inside cleaning and putting away stuff that I just sat down whenever I got in the house the past several days. Later in the day we watched TV and both took a nice sunday nap in the living room. Sam in his lazyboy chair and me in my comfy, sink-in 1960's orange fainting couch that my best friends parents gave to me after I begged them to give it to me for years and years prior. This couch is the best thing in the world. I'm telling you if you ever get to sit or rest in it you will sink in and never want to come back out. It's that good. So off of that tangent; we got up went to hike in the Coke Ovens in Leetonia for awhile, got some Dairy Queen and sat outside by the little creek that runs behind it to eat and then went to the Oakvale Cemetary to walk around and check out some of the gravestones and mausoleums. Sam actually broke into one of the mausoleums. It didn't seem like it was really locked but once the doors were opened we could tell that it was supposed to hold back people from getting in. The entire inside was a rose colored marble and there were some keys laying on a bench that looked like they were to be used to get into the vaults. I don't know. We didn't try them. So after that adventure we went home and I made the usual Sunday homemade pizza. Which hasn't been "usual" for the last 2 months probably. Kyle and Brad came over and we watched a movie together and ate the tasty pizza. I must say the crust was really good this time. Thin and a little crunchy. Yum. I made a pepperoni, a spinach alfredo and a pepperoni and onion pizza. With the 4 of us we had less than 1 pizza left so it must have tasted ok. After the movie we watched the Best of Chris Farley DVD from SNL and laughed our heads off. I really miss that guy. He was probably my favorite from SNL. So good. Well, I am writing this at work so I must be getting back. I'm suprised that no one has come in to say that I had a visitor of phone call to get to. Later all!