Thursday, January 12, 2012


I found myself sick a couple weeks ago and unfortunately it has been sticking with me a couple weeks ago. It started with a chest cold that turned to bronchitis and an ear infection and now is working it's way out of my system, slowly but surely. I haven't been breathing real well with it and it has zapped all of my energy to the point where I am just super tired. I was having trouble climbing the 2 sets of stairs to my second floor apartment there for awhile. Each day I have felt a little better though. I just did not want to take any antibiotics and then get sick all over again because my immune system was weakened by the drugs. Oh well, day 15 of this stupid sickness is here and I can't wait to be done with it.
In the midst of all of that I went job hunting again...I had 3 calls in 2 days time from the 8 applications that I put in online. Two from bakeries and one in need of a server at a country club. I accepted a almost full time job at a fun Bakery/Restaurant called the Swiss Pastry Shoppe. They remind me of a smaller scale Das Dutch Haus where I worked for 12+ years and enjoyed so much. I had my first day yesterday and they all seem really nice there, many of them have been there over 10 years and the hours fit perfect for me. I'm looking forward to being there and becoming a part of a fun mom and pop shop again.