Saturday, June 09, 2012

New Words

My friend at work has a word that he uses for people or things that basically suck. Life situations, mean people, really anything. That word is...wait for it....Baduga. Used like, "that guy is such a baduga". Or "I feel like a baduga". Maybe this little ditty..."I really baduga'd". It always sounds funny. And it works to say it and not have a person know what you are talking about if it is directed at them.
Anyways, the reason that I write that is because life has been pretty "baduga" as of the past couple months. And I don't want people to worry about me or feel sorry. I know barely anyone even ever reads this blog anymore, but it is nice to write on whats on my mind as I go through life. Whether good or bad. As I was saying I noticed my health was kind of sinking a little, I just was more tired, not able to concentrate as much, and I had a huge catch in my throat at all times. I figured it was working so much and that it was just catching up with me. But this was worse than just being tired, I know that tiredness, and what this was and it was way different. I also noticed that I was choking on alot of foods that never gave me any problem. I also had a little trouble breathing with simple things like going up my stairs. It started to concern me that my thyroid was acting up. So I made an appointment with my doctor. Turns out my thyroid is growing. It has moved my trachea over and pushed my vocal cords on the one side to the point of paralysis so that they are stretched as tight as they can against my trachea. Basically, I cannot put off my thyroid removal any more and I need to have surgery soon to remove it. Pretty baduga, right? Haha, I can't wait.