Friday, April 20, 2007


It is carefree; it has a breathy air to it. It’s so great to open all of the windows, feel the breeze in the musty over wintered house. See the brighter sun as it warms up everything. Summer brings plants, life, bugs, BBQ parties, swimming, hiking, camping, golf, vacation, lazy naps that lets you dream about all of the things you could be doing. It takes away winter blahs and makes you whole being feel renewed, refreshed and revised. It lets you make new goals and brings a fresh start to all of the things needing done that could not be done when it was cold. One of my favorite things about summer is the sounds of birds, their voices waking me to start a new day in a good mood. I love summer parties; they bring great stories and old friends out to share in life. They bring good, wholesome foods. It’s awesome to work hard in the garden, work up a hot dirty sweat with backs bowed and knees grimy and creaking to labor around some of Gods beautiful bounty that He gave us to enjoy in great satisfaction. He knew what he was doing when He made the 4 seasons. Summer brings a great harvest and a gathering of all of the long light filled days. It brings us produce and keeping of harvest to sustain His people in the midst of winter and their dreadful blahs. It brings hope to tired hearts, it brings reprieve of what we strive to be done with, it is newness and hope.

Monday, April 09, 2007

All My Kitty Children

I took some pictures of my kitties the other day. They were enjoying the rare sun that we have so seldom seen yet this year. I thought that I would share some pictures of them doing their thing.

Ruby, our youngest girl that we found abandoned as a small kitten at the Columbiana Street Fair, enjoys laying on Sam and feeling safe and secure, she loves to eat and has learned some bad habits from Junior, like getting on the kitchen counter and pushing plates and cups off of the counter to hopefully get some food out of them.

My 7 year old Farley enjoys the heat from the sun the most, actually he enjoys heat more than any other cat I know. He will lay in front of the electric heaters we have running in the house and steal the heat from everyone else, he will get all the way in the bedcovers and stay there all night. How do cats breathe under the covers for so long?

Junior, my shadow, likes to steal all the attention and he gets into whatever is going on where the action is, whether he is sound asleep or not.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Husband, the Joker

I didn't want to just comment on Sams April Fools joke blog, because for one I knew that it would be too long, another is that I would say something that would make someone mad(which I probably will be doing in this blog) and for another I knew that the person who I wanted to read this is now not even reading his blog for a determined period of time, very clever. If you truly know myself too then you will know that I never get this upset about something unless it is about the friends and family that I love, God gave us to each other and to take that honor and priviledge away is a terrible mistake.

I was very disturbed by the idea that Sam presented in his April Fools story at first, I think that everyone was. I was scared for the flack that he would possibly get and the explainations that he would have to give for people that didn't understand why he would do this kind of joke. Normally he shares with me something that he is going to do that may be a little crazy and if I had given my advise on this one I would have told him to either change up the story a little or at least let everyone know that it was an April Fools joke at the end. I know that I personally couldn't imagine something like that actually happening to him, and if you knew him super well enough you would know that too, as some did catch in time and others who knew him well did not. I noticed a trend in the ones that did not realize the joke. They were mad; they felt like they were left emotionally distraught and didn't know how to really help Sam in his time of need, at the same time upset that he had played them like that all in good fun for a April fools joke. But thats all it really was, a joke! Don't take this incredible man and blast him for doing something that was only meant for that!

Sam was only sad about the responses that were given to him. My thoughts on this subject are in no way indicative of Sams. I am furious about some of those comments. So what that you don't know Sam that well and that he played you? Get over it. Sam is and always has been a responsible, mature, caring person. So for him to write this fictional story is just so out of whack with who he really is that those that truly know and love Sam would know that it was all made up. Those that want to air their personal problems with Sam can do that, but why in such a demeaning manner, why blast him in not only his joking but also his personal character?

Just as Sam or anyone else for that matter can say whatever they want, then I have to say to Kristen or anyone else that feels this strongly about being mad at Sam: How dare you? I am personally glad that you need 6 months to vent and let out YOUR anger and immaturity against Sam! It will give him and myself time away from your hurtful, ridiculous ideas of who you think your own brother or friend really is! Sam never once personally attacked you or anyone through all of this and all you can do is try to hurt him so bad that you don't care about ruining your relationship with him? I'm not sorry at all that we have our own lives, friends, jobs; the fact that we can't always talk and catch up or that time and distance place difficulties in getting to know you and share in your life like we really would like to is hard on all of us and you have to believe that. You have to get over all this, considering the fact that we do still love you and care about every aspect of the you and your family. So if you want to label Sam and at the same time label yourself for something that I know you really are not, then go for it and ridicule yourself, because I will stand up for my husband and best friend when even his own flesh and blood cannot! Oh, and since you are being so vindictive about the whole 6 month time limitation you may as well take me off of your list too Kristen!