Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wonderful Ohio

I went back to Ohio a couple weeks was wonderful. I flew in and stayed with mom for a few days. Did I mention it was wonderful? I saw friends, spent so much time with Mama, and I got to see my Dad who I haven't seen since I moved. I went on a couple girls nights out with my friends. It really was wonderful. I got a new tattoo, I realized how short I am conpared to the men in my family, and I went to a 80th birthday party for my Grandpa where all of the family and kids were there. What a celebration of my Grandpa's life it is to know I am a part of an amazing loving family. Again, wonderful comes to mind. I took a nap under a dogwood in a hammock, I went to the sale and got all dusty, I held newborn babies, I hugged my Mama every chance that I could. I love her wonderful hugs. I took walks with the family on the hill and watched my family run through the tall grass, I dressed up and went to a vintage jewelry party and drank martini's. It was all together wonderful. It was a trip I needed. It helped mend my heart in many ways.

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Kristen said...

Love the Tatt!!!