Monday, February 17, 2014

Blessings and Splashes

Many people hate the character Gollum in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit series, but I love this guy. I think that there is a simple truth to the things he says and he just lays it out there raw and open to vulnerability. In the Hobbit his new saying is "Blessings and Splashes!"  Simple, but yet if you think about it, not at all. Every day we are met with blessings in our lives. Something goes great, we get a great laugh, we talk to people that make us happy, dinner is delicious, gas prices are low again, they have my favorite show on Netflix, etc. But then there are those splashes that also greet us every day as well. Unexpected migraine, news that family is not doing well, money having to be spent on a car part, working extra for people that don't show up at work, etc.  In fact, the same thing in life can be a blessing and a splash. One of my best friends, Cory, had a baby this past week. More than anything he was so fearful for his wife during her delivery, and for this new life that he was going to have to protect and take care of. He was worried about paying the rent on his house each month before this, but now it was going to be even harder for him. Yet, here was this precious little baby boy born on Valentines day that swept him off of his feet and he is happier than anyone could ever explain or feel. I guess that the main point I am getting at is that the good always comes with the bad. It is inherent in our lives, it is something that we don't ever speak of unless we want to rejoice or complain to our family and friends. It is a balancing act that will always continue. To all that read this I hope that your blessings are continually bigger than your splashes!

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