Monday, October 29, 2007

Weird stuff is going on!

So...Sam, Brad and I were watching a scary movie last night that wasn't all that scary. It was called Silent Hill and it's supposed to be based on some video game that probably should have just stayed a video game. It was interesting to watch, but at the end of the movie we all had like 10 million questions about different parts of the movie. Do you ever get that way about a movie where it didn't make a bit of sense and you wonder where they came up with half of the plot? I think that some of my dreams that I have would make a 10 times better movie than this one. By the way I have some really nightmarish dreams so I think that I could write a really good movie plot if I would only write down my dreams. It seems like I am always getting chased by a person or multiple people trying to kill me or I am in some twisted plot that is just totally screwed up. Anywho... I don't know where I was going with that except to say that after the movie I got a restricted phone call on my cell that we thought maybe was my cousin in the Navy in Bahrain. Well, it wasn't. It was a prank call with some guy whispering the question "what color panties are you wearing?" Yikes! I guess that it was a really off night and now I am confused and embarassed. Remind me never to answer my phone again when it is restricted. If they leave a message that's good, then I can call them back and ask them what color panties they are wearing!

Monday, October 22, 2007

What am I doing?

I'm not sure exactly what I am supposed to be doing yet for this class I am taking this semester. I am in the 9th week already, with only 7 more to go and I am totally lost in this class. I'm not the only one either, even though I think that I am a little more lost than the others. First of all I lost my 100+ dollar book on the 3rd week that the class requires and I haven't found it yet. Stupid Laura! I don't have the money to go buy another one, plus I feel stupid that I lost it in the first place that I don't think I deserve another. I am not even really supposed to be taking the class either given my standing in college. It's considered a Junior level class and I am still a sophmore until the end of this semester when I will be in Junior standing. We are supposed to make this big project that goes on the entire semester and I'm not sure what a Methodological plan for researching society is supposed to even look like because he hasn't even given us any information on what he wants from us. I meet him in 30 minutes and I don't even know what to ask him because he hasn't given me any direction, plus I don't have my book(Duh!), and I'm only a lowly sophmore in a class with a bunch of smarty pants Juniors. I probably should have dropped this class if it weren't for the amazing bull----ing that I can pull off to make a paper work after I find all of the information online from another instructor that gives good details in how to do things in this type of class. Then I find out that I have one of the best grades in the class and I figure that I should probably take all classes that I don't have a clue as to what I am doing. Makes sense to me.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

50 posts on the wall

So, this is my 50th entry into this here blogger I call my home! I don't really have anything super thought provoking to put on here. I don't really ever have too much wisdom to write on these pages. Actually what I was going to write about is simplicity. These days I feel like I have so much going on that I can never really feel too much peace. I'm running here and there...I have all these things to do that even when I am sitting down I can't get my mind to calm down. I sit and all I can think about is the paper I have due next week or the menu that needs planned for the cafe, the person I need to call, or the thank you letter that I need to write, you know all that stuff.

I thought that when I got older I would have a better handle on keeping things simple. I thought that I would be able to order out everything that I needed to do with an iron fist. I thought that once I finished one project then I would be done with it. I realize now that there will always be another project, another goal, another finish line to always reach for. I've found that I keep taking on more things because I like to be busy and I always enjoy a good challenge. I hate being bored and I love to have 10 million things going on at once to keep me happy and excited about life.

But then there are the times when I just want to get rid of everything. Sell all the junk, get rid of the 50 t-shirts that I have in my dresser, throw away the cats, sell the house and get into a smaller one, stop all the little projects I have going and just live a simple, focused life with little worry or distraction. The things I would do each day would be clear to me and the routine that I pick up would pretty much be the same. I would stick with the things that I know work for me and I would be calm.

I'm not sure which one I like better, I guess that I have times of both and thats what I enjoy the most, I don't want to write out my life and know each step of the way, so I will take what I have and enjoy it as much as possible. Happy 50th reading!